Proof of Funds
Aspen Capital Group, LLC

"I'm currently involved in a major land development deal.  To move to the next level, my lender required that I show liquidity of $25 million.  If it wasn't for Aspen Capital Group and their proof of funds program, I would have lost the whole deal and a ton of money.  Thanks Aspen."


B. Mitchell

San Diego, CA




"I was able to leverage $900 million dollars for my trading program by using Aspen's proof of funds program.  And the pricing was the lowest on the market.  I'd highly recommend Aspen Capital to anyone who needs to prove funds." 


R. Langford


Proof of Funds Program

We can assist clients who wish to engage in financial opportunities but lack the liquidity or necessary reserves.  With our two investor groups, we can lease our money for your benefit.  Consider us your financial partner.

  • POF in your name
  • $500k to several million
  • BCL/Block/Reserve bank letters
  • Account in personal or business name
  • Tear sheet
  • Swift 199/799

POF Uses

  • Real estate purchase to show reserves or liquidity
  • Import/Export deals
  • Commodity deals
  • Credit enhancement
  • Any situation that requires you to "show" funds

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